The SoBRC believes on: People; Transparency; Entrepreneurial spirit/skills; Professionalism; and Team work.

  • People: Its people who becomes entrepreneurs, and its people in the business center who operates the center, thus people is our enduring advantage because they are the product, price, organization and quality. Its people who causes differences on products, organizations, structures, services, processes etc despite of having the same inputs and resources. Thus, the center will value people most because “Peoples makes the difference”
  • Transparency: The center will operate and equally share information to all stakeholders, (partners and entrepreneurs in particular) freely and openly. This will not only bring trust to the center, but also will minimize risks of investment and operation. Since partners want to be sure of safety for their resources, entrepreneurs needs to trust the unit (center) they are dealing with, the government wants to be sure for property safety of its people; and the university wants to be sure that the center is in the right direction. “Always operate, decide, act, and do openly and truly”
  • Entrepreneurial skills/spirit: parties involved in the core activities of the center should prove or show their entrepreneurial competences, not limited but to include: need for achievement (commitment); risk-taking propensity; self efficacy; tolerance for ambiguity; locus of control; goal setting; tenacity; patience; pro-active; creative and innovative; and passion.
  • Professionalism: The center will value and live the importance of both knowledge and skills towards entrepreneurial success. Thus law will be for lawyers; accounting for accountants; management for managers; and marketing for marketers.
  • Team working: The center believes in synergisms (results or output of two people together is greater than the total output of the same two separately). Working in teams will be as important as the core for center success. Without team work you cannot get mentors, shared resources, funding, and thus the center itself. “Together we can; Lets grow together”