We facilitate a range of short courses through the entire year. The courses can be customized depending on the client request. At the moment the individual training are also available through the webinar. For the individual online short course, contact us directly.

Our Courses

  1. International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)
  2. Procurement For Local Government Authorities (LGAS)
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
  4. Good Customer Service
  5. Library Information System Management
  6. Policy Analysis
  7. Budget Analysis
  8. Business Plan
  9. Strategic Human Resources Management
  10. Utilization Of Human Resource For Health Information System (HRHIS) And Training Institution Information System (TIIS)
  11. Strategic Digital Marketing Tools And Applications
  12. Strategic Leadership and change management
  13. Archives and Record Management Systems
  14. Strategic public relations, customer care and corporate reputation management
  15. Procurement & Supply Chain Risks Management (PSCRM)
  16. Data Management and Analysis in the Health Sector
  17. Effective financial risk management in financial institutions
  18. Computer Based Project Management and Evaluation
  19. Hospital Management Training for Health Systems Managers
  20. Policy & Governance
  21. Integrated Library Information Systems
  22. Cyber Security and Regulations
  23. Effective financial reporting course for government institutions
  24. Designing Online Events and promotions
  25. Stores Management and Stock Control
  26. Digital-Business For SMEs
  27. Information System Risk Management
  28. Financial and records management for SMEs
  29. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Meaning, Localization/Mainstreaming
  30. Project Monitoring And Evaluation
  31. Evaluation of tenders
  32. Policy Engagement For NGOs, CBOs
  33. Effective risk management in microfinance institutions
  34. Procurement Management in Modern World
  35. Risk management in corporations: The role of the auditors
  36. Effective dialogue, advocacy and conflict management
  37. Effective Sales and Strategic Business Communication
  38. Procurement And Supply Chain Audit
  39. Financial Management (and revenue enhancement) for Non-Finance Managers in Local Government
  40. Enhancing pedagogical Skills through E-learning in Higher Learning Institutions
  41. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) including LGAs
  42. Procurement Contracts Management
  43. Financial management in corporations: Role of auditors
  44. Enhancing Electronic Learning Materials access through Institutional Repository System
  45. Procurement principles and practice in local and international context
  46. Preparation and implementation of annual procurement plan (app)
  47. Campus Networks Design and Management
  48. Managing Project using Prince Framework
  49. Research survey using electronic tools (mobile and computer based)
  50. Contract Management
  51. Strategic negotiation skills
  52. Public Speaking
  53. Human resource planning
  54. Training and development skills for competitive organization
  55. Results Based Management

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